exhibited Rossana Orlandi gallery

Seduta Infinita

Seduta Infinita was born as a utopian solution to dispose a potentially infinite quantity of plastic.

5 days

of life in Milan

1352 tons

wasted plastic

1638 km

Seduta Infinita

Every citizen - including children and the elderly - produces 1 kg of plastic waste every 5 days. A city like Milan can produce around 1.352.000 kg of plastic waste every 5 days.
By recycling every single gram of plastic used in 5 days in Milan, 1638km of Seduta Infinita could be created.


The structure is made up of modules placed in succession between them that are configured in various compositions.


It invades and besieges urban spaces, composing itself like a plot that is built out of any sense of scale, in a set of modules juxtaposed to infinity.

produced by


Prototyping by Superforma, a rapid prototyping company that has setted up a network to collect and recycle the waste in their lab to make it reprintable.